As a business surrounded by so much natural beauty, we are very conscious of our impact on the environment.

No endeavour is perfectly sustainable, but we are working to reduce our impact as time goes on.

The farm and its buildings was not in a good way when we arrived as it had been empty for years, so its been a slow, steady process to restore and protect it and its surroundings.



Cleaning Refills
  • We reuse as much as we can.
  • We recycle everything we can and try to make it as easy as possible for our guests to recycle.
  • We compost and encourage our guests to contribute to our compost.
  • Most of our cleaning products are "eco-friendly" brands such as Bio-D, ecoleaf, ecover etc.
  • We use bulk refills to lower the amount of plastic bottles being used.
  • We collect glass from our guests to reduce recycling journeys.


  • Our electricity provider uses 100% renewable sources.
  • We use LED bulbs throughout our property.
  • We have wood burning stoves in all of our rentals. Most of our firewood and all our kindling comes from the farm.
  • We upgraded all hot water cylinders to a modern standard.
  • We upgraded all heating controls and thermostats to modern standards.
  • We continue to improve the insulation in all of our buildings to reduce heat loss.


A lot of this insulation was waste from a friend's build
  • We try to renovate, restore and retain as much as possible.
  • We try to reuse or pass on anything that comes out of our farm.
  • We try to source materials that are local and surplus to others.
  • We have insulated most of the walls of the Cottage making it more efficient and even more comfortable. This is a medium term, iterative project.


  • We manage our land to have as many environments as possible for insects, birds and other animals.
  • We are gradually increasing the number of native trees such as birch on the farm.
  • We grow a small amount of our own food. We want to do much more.
  • We do not use pesticides or fertilisers. That's what chickens are for.
  • We compost and chip waste to improve the soil.
  • We collect and use as much rainwater as we can for the garden.

We plan to...

  • Reduce plastic waste by making "eco-bricks" for the growers hub in Broadford.
  • Keep trying alternatives to cleaning products.

When time permits...

Renovating our sash windows
  • We restored the beautiful sash windows in the Farmhouse but they will eventually need to be replaced with sympathetic double glazing.
  • We will continue to monitor the market for alternatives to oil boilers for when we are in a position to upgrade.
  • There are a million ideas around water usage and waste we would love to implement.

And of course, more growing...

Vegetable garden