Status - 30th October 2020

We are still open to bookings for Autumn 2020 through to Summer 2021.

However, due to recent legislation, we are currently unable to take bookings from groups from more than one household.

The introduction of protection areas in Scotland and tiers in England puts limits on travel from areas in tier/level 3. We cannot honour bookings from guests travelling from these areas.

We currently plan to keep these measures in place through the Winter (unless advice dramatically changes), but plan to take normal bookings from Spring 2021.

How are we protecting our guests?

The most important thing to know about coronavirus on surfaces is that they can easily be cleaned with common household disinfectants that will kill the virus. Studies have shown that the COVID-19 virus can survive for up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel, less than 4 hours on copper and less than 24 hours on cardboard.
World Health Organisation


Based on current guidance we will leave our properties empty for 3 nights prior to your arrival.

This is for bookings up until Spring 2021.

Any cancellations due to coronavirus will be fully refunded.

We must adhere to any regional lockdown restrictions put in place.

We cannot take bookings for visitors from more than one household.


We will do a changeover immediately at the end of each visit and they will remain empty until our next guests arrive.

We always change all bedding, towels and shower curtains but we will also be washing mattress/pillow protectors every stay and removing throws and blankets.

We will be using virocides conforming to EN14476 for disinfecting. Where appropriate we also have a steam cleaner.

Our cleaning protocol will follow current guidance.

On Arrival

Checkins are completely contact free. We will make arrangements with you on booking.

During your stay

We will be leaving some virocide cleaning products in our kitchens and bathrooms.

Bags of firewood will be kept at each of the Cottage and Farmhouse to avoid use of shared spaces.

We are still available on site and can be contacted easily if needed but will observe social distancing.

We will have a risk assessment in place that will be kept under review.

What are we asking of guests?

We are trying to keep the impact on our guests to a minimum but we, inevitably, need to make a few requests to help us manage this restart and keep everyone safe.

Before your stay

Please be aware of current Scottish rules and guidelines if travelling from outside Scotland. We can help with questions.

Rules are changing continuously so do a little research about what you want to do before you arrive. There are 2 sites that provide good info on the status of attractions on Skye and the surrounds; My Skye Time and What's Open in Skye and Lochalsh?

We need you to notify us if you have covid-19 symptoms before, during or immediately after your stay.

We will ask in advance which bedrooms you wish to be made up to keep our substantial amount of extra washing down to a reasonable level.

On arrival

As our property will have been empty for 3 nights before your stay, the hot water and heating will need to be turned on/up when you arrive. This is so we do not have to re-enter the house before your visit.

Please bring tea, coffee, oil, milk etc. We normally leave these to make your trip a little lighter, but we're trying to keep "sharing" to a minimum. There will still be a bottle of wine on the table though!

During your stay

Please use the dishwasher. We will be leaving plenty of tabs for you. It is your holiday after all.

You may be bleaching everything at home, but bleach will prevent our septic system from working. We will be leaving virocidal cleaning products in our places for you to use.

The Farmhouse and Cottage entrances are substantially apart from one another, and there is a huge amount of outdoor space for you to enjoy at the farm. Please respect social distancing here and in the community.

On departure

At the end of your stay, please strip bedding and pillow/mattress protectors and open windows to help protect us when we come in to clean.

We hate to waste food, but please do not leave anything in the kitchen unless it is unopened.

It is essential that you check out on time (10am) to allow us to prepare for our next guests.

And please still sign our guestbook before you leave. The virus lasts on paper for less than 30 minutes.


What happens if I get symptoms during my stay?

Official advice from the government about guests who become symptomatic during a stay are subject to change but we are currently following UK hospitality guidelines.

If you start to develop symptoms you must inform us and in most cases you will be expected to return home to self-isolate. We will refund the remaining part of your stay. Of course, if you are very ill, you will need to follow NHS advice.

If you are forced to extend your stay we will do what we can to help, but will have to charge you for any additional nights you are staying as we will be having to cancel other guests.